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      Editor’s Comments – Van Halen singing, performing “I’ll Wait” song in the song’s music video containing the Editor’s Comments, discussions, reviews, etc., written by Editor David E. Ros. The topics include: the music video; the song’s lyrics; Van Halen and the accompanying band’s presentation; and their performance, etc.

      Van Halen sings, performs looking well, excellent good like he usually does. This video from 2015 is the prime years of Van Halen from 1970’s through present times. The Lord carefully selects and then contracts with his “Special Creation” singers, performers, bands, etc., to market, produce his Lord’s copyrighted music.

      ***** I rate Van Halen’s singing, performance, entertainment and the accompanying music, the music’s score, the music’s arrangement, etc., “excellent” in this music video with my “Five stars out of “5” possible stars” award. This music video with Van Halen and accompanying band is desirable listening and stimulating, enjoyable viewing.

      The Lord is the ghost writer of all advance technologies, music, literature by facts and Universe approved, Lord approved laws, etc., is very pleased with Van Halen and Van Halen band’s members.

      Note: There are look-alike persons, gangs, fans that look similar to the Lord’s special creation singers, performers, bands, etc., however are not the Lord’s special creation persons, etc.

      To view, listen to this enjoyable music video “I’ll Wait” performed by Van Halen, click the following URL link, and scroll down to the music video:

      I will add discussions of Van Halen singing, performance of “I’ll Wait” song’s music video including discussions on “I’ll Wait” lyrics, accompanying images of this video, etc., when I have time available.

      David E Ros
      Editor, Music Lover and Webmaster Owner
      August 13, 2015
      Revised: 3-11-2016; 3-13-2016; 3-16-2016; 1-15-2018

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