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      Greetings Members, Participants, Visitors, etc. from Editor, Music Lover and Webmaster Owner.

      This is the and Ros Company Message Board Forum to discuss music, songs, performers, etc.

      ***These are the only rules at this time and these rules should be obeyed at this Message Board Forum.

      1. Restrict your Post’s arguments to defend yourself from written speech post attacks and then disengage from the hostilities to maintain forum tranquility. Post only peaceful comments in your messages, etc.

      2. Keep words of curses, vulgarity to mild levels to avoid arguments and to maintain forum tranquility.

      3. Redirect website URL addresses; not working website URL addresses; Personal Questions and Inquiries; SEO Spam; Malware messages and nasty comments will be deleted.

      4. Do not annoy the Editor, Music Lover and Website Owner and the Forum Moderator, (please).

      5. Do not ask personal questions to the Editor, Music Lover and Website Owner.

      6. Avoid cursing persons such as the performers, the singers, the musicians, the dancers, the Editor, the Website Owner and the Forum Moderator from personal attacks based on your faith’s beliefs; false news stories, etc.


      David E Ros
      Editor, Music Lover and Website Owner
      Published on: Jan 4, 2015 @ 17:34
      Revised: 12-30-2019; 1-1-2020; 1-2-2020

Viewing 0 reply threads
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