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      Editor’s Comments – The Moody Blues singing, performing “So Deep Within You” song in the song’s music video discussions containing the Editor’s Comments, public discussions, reviews, etc., written by Editor David E. Ros. The topics include: the music video; the song’s lyrics; The Moody Blues presentation, The Moody Blues performance; the accompanying music, music score, music composition; the accompanying band’s presentation, performance shown at end of this music video; and the accompanying cast members, etc.

      – – – – –

      The Moody Blues singing, band playing, presentation and performance is wonderful, joyful music listening experiences.

      The Moody Blues singing “So Deep Within You” song’s lyrics are about the love of the Lord of his Goddess wives whom each share many love bonds with the Lord including a special “light” to love, desire, care, respect and assist the Lord. The Lord their husband has similar love bonds, special lights in the Lord’s body. In these circumstances these lights in their bodies are “guiding lights” in their lives.

      When the Lord creates everybody and/or recreates somebody many points of interests of each person are selected by each person and added to each person’s specifications which can be changed at intervals specified in their contracts. However the Lord’s lights are special new developments of the Lord in the Lord’s life.

      – – – – –

      I will add more discussions of The Moody Blues singing, performance of “So Deep Within You” song’s music video including more discussions on “So Deep Within You” lyrics, etc., when I have time available.

      To view, listen to this enjoyable music video “So Deep Within You” performed by The Moody Blues with the accompanying band; with accompanying cast members, etc., and the accompanying music, click the following URL link, and scroll down to the music video:
      David E Ros
      Editor, Music Lover and Webmaster Owner
      Published on: Jan 23, 2016 @ 18:19
      Revised: 5-1-2016; 7-16-2016; 9-28-2016

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